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The town of Llanwrtyd Wells nestles below the Cambrian Mountains and is surrounded by areas of outstanding beauty.  Llanwrtyd Wells is a resilient community who are blessed with a ‘Can Do' Community spirit that keeps the town alive.  

Llanwrtyd Wells Town Council is the most local level of government. We have an important role to play in promoting our town, representing its interests and supporting the work of different groups in the community.

The Town Council has 11 councillors (when there are no vacant seats) and a Town Clerk who oversees the administrative and financial business of the council. The Mayor, who is also the chair of the council, is chosen by the councillors.

The full council meets monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of the month except August. When required, the council creates sub committees who meet separately but feedback to the main Council meetings.  We currently have a finance sub-committee in place to develop the budget for the coming year.  In addition the following are sub committees of the Town Council; The Dolwyn Fields Development Committee and The Llanwrtyd Wells Twinning Committee. We also have two Management Commitees namely; The Abergwesyn Hall Committee and The Victoria Hall Committee, who look after the Abergwesyn Hall and Victoria Hall, in agreement with Llanwrtyd Wells Town Council, but are both seperate Charities, Where possible we allocate councillors to sub committees that make the best use of their knowledge and experience.

The statue of the Red Kite in the town square
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