Council Papers

Here you can find papers relating to the Town Council.

During the Covid 19 pandemic Town Council meeting are taking place virtually.


If you would like to join these meetings, please contact the Town Clerk who will arrange for an invitation to be sent to you;

Agendas and Minutes are on the separate Meetings page

Papers and pen



Register of Interests                                                                  LWTCRegister of Interests2020PDF.pdf

IRPW Declaration May 2021                                                     LWTCPublished Allowances201920PDF.pdf


Accounts and Audit

The Annual Statements of Accounts 2020- 2021                     LWTC2020-21 AccountsPDF.pdf

The Notice of Appointment of Date for the Exercise of Elector's Rights

                                                                                                      Notice of Rights2021LWTC.pdf


Council Policies (Some are yet to be confirmed for 2021):

Standing Orders                                                                         Cyngor Tref LlanwrtydSOs2021DraftPDF.pdf


Draft Financial Regulations                                                        LWTCFinancialRegs2020DraftPDF.pdf

Draft WelshLanguage Policy                                                      WelshLanguagePolicyDraftPDF.pdf

Draft GeneralPrivacyNotice                                                        GeneralPrivacyNotice2020Draft.pdf

Draft Freedom of Information Policy                                         FoIAPublishingGuide LWTC2020DraftPDF.pdf

The Environment (Wales) Act 2016                                            Report under the Environment (Wales) Act

Accessibility Statement 2020                                                     Accessibility Statement 2020